Secretary General's Message

Mr. Sham Sunder Sharma

Mohd. Ismail Nerekar

We all know that rapid changes have taken place in the field of Information Technology across the world. And it continues to change. Change is inevitable. Those who do not change with the time, do not remain to see the change. The need for change with the time was being felt for the Ideal Education Society and its schools and Jr. College also , in the field of Information Technology. With this in view, it was thought fit to launch our own website so that our students, teachers, members and well-wishers may be kept updated with the latest activities going on in our institutions. Besides, our ex-students around the world, may be able to interact with each-other and their alma –mater, through the website. The photo-gallery in the website will also provide the glimpses of the past and the present so as to enable the viewers to relate themselves with the past and relive the sweet memories of the school days and cherish the same.

I present my hearty congratulations to the entire team, who, with their hard work and devoted zeal, have made it possible to have a website of our own and have made our dream come true.

Through this communication I humbly urge our students-past and the present, to add value to other’s lives so that our world could become a peaceful and enjoyable place to live in.

My best wishes to the honourable members of the Society, Teachers, Staff and all those who have worked hard and have designed and launched the website named “” .

I believe that the cost is forgotten but the Quality remains forever. And I am sure that the Ideal Group is known for quality work. Let the tradition continue in future also.